Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This is my final camp post - I promise.

Camp theme - Steadfast and Immovable like the stars.

The entire time I kept thinking:

Stars are not steadfast and immovable. What about shooting stars?
What about stars that blow up or die out? Stars are constantly changing,
aren't they?
And yet I don't think I got through singing the camp's theme song one time without crying. It never failed - by the third verse I was sobbing and if I looked at another person, I began blubbering even more and there was no chance of hiding it or working through it back to a sustainable singing sound. I would sing it for you right now, but I don't want to make you sit through tears. You know, I'm all about the your comfort.

I don't think it was the words of the song - but more the idea. And the fact that 100+ girls were singing in the middle of the forest overlooking beautiful mountains covered in trees, singing. I think that would make anyone weep a bit.

And since I'm ranting about singing - the camp songbook stunk. Where were all the fun songs? Alligator, Watermelon Rind, Fried Ham, Barges, Weenie Man (actually this one was there but the words had been changed to make it less offensive to someone), and the list goes on and on.

We sang the same songs over and over and most were repeat songs like Princess Pat or Sipping Cider. Isn't camp all about singing? And loving it? And singing lots? Am I alone in this?

Honestly I had a great time. I found a bit of myself that hasn't appeared in years. Not since kids, marriage, college...and it was fun to visit her. Maybe I can get her to stay around a bit longer.

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Arianne said...

Camp is all about singing. That's why I like girls camp--singing loud and obnoxiously. Fun times. Funny cause as soon as I read the theme about the stars being steadfast and immovable I immediately thought "well that's not true..." ha ha.