Friday, July 11, 2008


At playgroup a while back:

I wanted to tell one of the other mothers about an article in the paper that morning. I asked her if she had seen the article and she said they didn't get the paper.

What? I just assumed that everyone subscribed to a newspaper. But what really stopped the rotation of my world? She is married to a teacher, and she was a teacher before staying home with the kids.

Don't all educators subscribe to a newspaper? Isn't everyone as annoyed with television news as I am?


Bryan Summers said...

We don't subscribe to a paper. We get our news from the internet. Most papers are on-line.

Jacks said...

Ah! I knew there must have been something I was missing.

But don't you just love having it in your hands? Turning the pages? Browsing?

I need something daily that isn't online - that I can browse. And what about the coupons in the Sunday paper? Isn't that worth it enough?

Judy Tan said...

Heck, I get it just for the Target and Kohl's ad. She lives off of the does Bryan. Get back on the grid and subsribe to the newspaper, as well as watch television news while you are looking at the headlines on the internet. That is what THIS educator does.

Bryan Summers said...

In Great Britain they had five really good newspapers competing with each other. So everyday the newspapers would offer DVD's or posters or toys, etc, etc.
So everyday I'd walk to the store and buy the paper with the best give away item.

It was awesome. So until I start getting toys and posters, I'm not springing fifty cents for a paper.

Mary said...

This is why my friends at the D-News are getting laid off. The Internet. Everybody's going online now. But I agree w/ Jackie -- I love the feel of a paper in my hands. Every morning I have to scan seven local papers online at work (Trib, DNews, Ogden Standard-Examiner, Provo Herald, Park Record, St George Spectrum and Logan Herald-Journal), but I still come home and look at the physical version of our newspaper too.

Every once in a while I even check the Salt Lake Valley Journals, Davis County Clipper, Tooele Transcript-Bulletin, etc. I don't think the Internet will ever get as local as your local town's newspaper.

Leigh said...

yah tell your friends to read the D'News so I don't lose my job on the next round of layoffs (lets pray that day never comes, one round of layoffs is enough!)

Sherry Carpet said...

I get news from the radio. Yeah, I'm an NPR junkie. Also i don't like getting newsprint on my hands. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Jacks said...

Krista - Me too - I love NPR. But I don't get much regarding local news on NPR.

Mary said...

Leigh, I love the DNews. I'm at KSL Radio. Good luck!