Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This past week - I burst into tears while watching TV.

That's right. I had a moment. I connected with television. Something so passionate, so moving, that I could not hold it in. I'm sure that if you had been here, you would have had the same reaction.

What could have possibly thrown me into such a state?

Episode 5 of MTV's Legally Blonde The Musical: The search for Elle Woods. That's right, a weekly competition to find a new lead in the broadway musical, Legally Blonde.

This past Monday night - the girls were asked to complete a questionnaire that asked them to identify the best singer, the worst, the best/worst actress, etc. You get the idea - they were asked to rate their competition.

In a move that Elle Woods would have approved of - the girls decided to rephrase all of the questions to say something like, who is the most improved singer? Eighteen minutes and 20 seconds into the show Rhiannon complimented Lauren, saying....

I put Lauren because I watched you dance at the 1st audition. And I watched you dance today. (Crying) And just to see your confidence level go from here to through the roof was amazing to watch.
And when she cried - I cried. It was beautiful.


Arianne said...

This is why you're cool.
Come visit me in Boston (Clin can take care of the girls for a week! He'll love that idea).

Jacks said...

Yes Please - that sounds nice!

Leigh said...

I have to know, who is your fave? I have a group of friends and we are all religious followers of the show!

Jacks said...

Hi Leigh! For awhile I was really routing for Rhiannon. She makes me laugh and I think brings a bit of fun (difference) to the show. And she is still tops for me - but singing wise, last week I was blown away by Autumn.

Bailey drives me nuts - she acts with her hands. I just want to say, "stop moving!"

Lauren - I just don't like her. She is very talented, but I think it's her hair and face. That sounds awful - but she is a baby.

Okay, I think I know too much about this show. I don't think that the show itself really has done a great job of showing us the participant's talents - in editing, too many cuts and they show us only what they want us to see.

And - way too many tears. Did you see last weeks? Maybe I'll do a post on that.

Batman Forever said...

Hi there! Love your blog. I laugh out loud when I read it.
I have to say, I used to root for Rhiannon, but now I'm an Autumn believer.

Jacks said...

Yeah - Batman Forever! Great name. Thanks for the compliment. I think I'm coming over to the Autumn side of the Legally Blonde universe.

Leigh said...

Don't feel bad about your LB/MTV show obsession, I'm just as bad.

- Lauren: she's got a great voice, and decent acting chops, but her immaturity shows.

- Rhiannon: love the quirkiness she brings. Her acting scenes have been great, and the singing not so much. You could tell in that last song that some notes weren't in her range. They can just drop the song a few keys if she wins the role.

- Bailey: you said it, PLEASE STOP MOVING YOUR HANDS. I gotta give the girl props for her dancing though. So, go be a dancer, not the leading lady.

- Autumn: I'm totally digging her. Great voice, great actor, and she can work on the dancing. But still, she's by far one of if not the best there. I saw her as Eponine at Pioneer last year, and Little Women on tour in SLC a few years ago. Great voice!

Only two weeks left, so sad. Here's a tip, go online and watch the full performances. I hate the way they edit the auditions for the show. Rhiannon's voice really didn't sound all that bad when you listened to the whole thing.

Marathon comment DONE!