Wednesday, July 2, 2008

finding more proof of my filth.

Today we ventured out of the house to one of my favorite places...Costco. Yes, that says a lot about how exciting my life actually is.

In the highpoint of the week the girls and I shared hotdogs and sodas. Two women and their children came and sat next to us. They spent quite a long time searching, and then lamenting the fact that they did not have a wet wipe to wipe down the table (our table).

Then they spent a few more minutes all cleaning their hands with hand sanitizer, again lamenting the fact that it would do no good for the kids as soon as they touched the table.

And there I was at the end of the table, with my children - eating off of the floor, practically licking the table as ketchup, hotdogs and buns were all moved from their wrappers to the table top, bench seats, and floor. In one impressive instance, Millie crouched under the table and insisted upon finishing the bun of her hotdog before coming out.

Until these ladies approached - hand sanitizer never even came into my consciousness. Now what does that say about me?


Sherry Carpet said...

that you are normal. and your kids will develop healthy immunities to the same little bugs that keep her precious babes in bed for a week. suckas!

this is my preferred way of justifying my similar filth. hope it helps. for what it's worth, my brother's doc actually told him never to use sanitizer.

Mary said...

I think it says you love Costco hot dogs as much as we do!