Thursday, July 10, 2008


Telling a 3 year old, throughout the day, that we are going swimming.

Bribing a 3 year old, on that same day, that if she naps we will go swimming.

Warning said 3 year old that she will have to wear a disposable swim diaper as well as a re-usable swim diaper.

3 year old naps.

3 year old dresses self in 2 previously mentioned diapers and swimsuit without crying. This alone is a world record for our family - as she usually throws numerous tantrums before we can get the diapers on her.

Dress grown-up self in swimsuit.

Dress 14 month old in 2 diapers and swimsuit.

Fill swimming bag with the following:
  1. Lock for lockers
  2. 2 swimming membership cards
  3. 1 extra disposable swimming diaper for 14 month old
  4. 1 extra disposable swimming diaper for 3 year old
  5. 1 shirt, 1 pair of pants, and 1 normal diaper for 14 month old
  6. 1 shirt, 1 skirt, and underpants for 3 year old
  7. Change of clothes for me
  8. Swimming trunks for Clin

  9. 4 towels

  10. 1 bag of raisins

  11. 1 bag of teddy grahams

  12. 1 bag of animal crackers

  13. 1 bottle of water

  14. 1 sippy cup of water

  15. 1 sippy cup of milk

Put stroller in the trunk of the car.

Put swimming bag in the trunk of the car.

Put shoes on 14 month old.

Wait while 3 year old puts on flip-flops.

Put 14 month old in car seat and buckle her in.

Put 3 year old in car seat, buckle her in, and make sure both lap and shoulder strap are not twisted.

Drive to swimming pool.

Get out stroller, and fill with 14 month old.

Get out 3 year old and help her put on flip-flops.

Walk into swimming center - sign reads, "Pool Closed. Currently cleaning the pool - please come back tomorrow."

Re-load all of the above into the car.

Go to McDonalds.

Healthy and active family outing quickly turns into unhealthy and inactive family outing. Anything to stop the screaming.

photo via grobledo


Judy Tan said...

lolololololol---your swim story leaves me exhausted. I need a diet coke.........and a trip to the pool.

Bryan Summers said...

You have got to move to Yuma. They never close pools out here. No matter what virus is in the water. We would die without our swimming pool.

I'm not kidding. Move to Yuma. Please?

Sherry Carpet said...

ah, fetch. i could feel the tension building. been there. except with just one child. so sorry.

Renae said...

I would need something stronger than a diet coke....a coke with REAL sugar..and a bit of chocolate.