Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today I am at Girl's Camp. And I am taking our girls on a nature hike this morning through an area that I've never been. So we will be doing a lot of meditation - thinking, observing, asking questions and journaling.

My parents are in town to take care of the girls and Clin (seeing as we all know how well Clin functions on his own. Ha! Joke - Clin. You miss me, right?) so that I get a four day vacation with teenage girls.

Vacation. That is right! I plan on sleeping getting between 8 to 12 hours each night, living off of roasted marshmallows and a little thing called smores, and communing with nature. Oh, and journaling. Lots and lots of journaling to once again find the inner me that gets lost amidst the daily baby poop and whining.

(Happy Sigh.)

photo via Cape Cod Cyclist


Bryan Summers said...

Do you guys have internet access?

Bryan Summers said...

Answer if you have the internet. If you don't, then don't answer.

Judy Tan said...

yea, I just got back from an overnight trip with the yw to the lake. I didn't fall asleep until after 3 am. Good luck with that sleep thing. Also.... If we go rafting in Wyoming, what are we supposed to wear? Do you know?

Clin A. Eaton said...

I'm all about the "nekkid" rafting. (i'll find out)- and, no, Jackie does not have internet access in the middle of Heber, Utah.

Judy Tan said...

Nekkid makes it easier for me.....Thanks Clin!