Tuesday, July 29, 2008

eating; reunion style.

Cinnamon and Pear Soup. That is all I have to say. That is all I have to post. That is all that I should post. It deserves that much respect. I want to eat it at every meal. All. The. Time.

That was the best thing that I ate in Jackson Hole. It tasted like the ice cream on top of apple pie. You know, after it melts a little. Minus the apple.

You want some? Go to Sweetwater Restaurant and maybe you'll get lucky. It's not a nightly soup. But it should be.

Clin and I also went to Cioccolato. 3 times. Thanks to my sister Judy's research, we were in chocolate heaven. Mmmmm.

First visit - I got a raspberry macaron. Not to be confused with the macaroon. If you ever cross paths with a Parisian macaron - buy it. Right away. Clin purchased a coconut creme brulee, which also came in a chocolate cup. A REAL chocolate cup - not an icky waxy chocolate cup.

Visit 2 - 2 more pastries in our growing bellies. Chef Oscar Ortega became a chocolate nazi - not happy to answer our questions. And the man at our rafting experience said, "He is very proud of his chocolate" and "...service without a smile" in reference to Cioccolato.

Visit 3 - Clin asked Chef how it was working with Giada DeLaurentiis. And he quickly replied, "She has the palate of a goat." Laughter all around as we discovered he is just an honest, hardworking chocolatier who doesn't enjoy taking a lot of time away from making chocolates to film a segment for the Food Network.


Judy Tan said...

Mmmm--Cinnamon Pear soup. That was really the reason to visit Sweetwater. All in all a good restaurant, but the soup was my favorite part. If I go back....I am only having a large bowl of the soup with a side salad. I don't even need dessert........until I walk down to the Ciaccolato :)

Jacks said...

I completely agree. In fact, I can't stop thinking about the soup.