Wednesday, July 30, 2008

in Greece.

Did you know that in Greece, people run through the forest all the time?

They also wear one piece bathing suits throughout the day and can just throw on a skirt or pants to complete the ensemble.

And people who live in Greece all live on mountains. They are required to go up and down the mountain constantly. Due to the consistency of steep stairs, Greeks never, ever get out of breath. Climbing mountains is in their genetic makeup and they make it look easy.

But the best thing about Greece? The thing that makes me want to pack up and move there now?

If you burst into song while in Greece (which we all know occurs frequently), those in your vicinity will automatically join in. They become backup singers and their pitch is so perfect that you will swear that somehow, in someway, you must have previously rehearsed that exact moment.

That alone is the most magical gift the Greeks can give.

What? You don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. Go see:


Judy Tan said...

Does that constitute a forest?

Jacks said...

True. But there were trees. Running around through trees. T

That was kind of like a forest, right?

I guess I'm used to Utah trees now and not Oregon. So, in Utah - a group of trees completely constitutes a forest.

AmyR said...

If you go to the right high school, people also break out in song. You don't have to go all the way to Greece. My school (Rydell high) was that way.

Jacks said...

Serious? Did you really go to Rydell High? You are more famous than I thought!

Mary said...

Jackie, I replied to your comment on my blog about Lagoon, but I had one more thought. You could always try a visit to Lagoon first and just going on the free stuff to see how she likes it. Then you could go back another day and buy a pass for her. But then again that makes two long trips from Lehi to Farmington for you.

And by the way we should have gone to see Mamma Mia instead of Batman. Greece beats Gotham.

Liz said...

What??!! I was rolling on the floor in the theatre trying to NOT pee my pants in public, with tears streaming down my face, from the shear laughter that was forced from my lungs!!!

'Course, I don't get out much. I'm practically a hermit here in Boring.

Aaaaannnd...I was drinkin' the hard stuff that nite....straight coca-cola. That'll do it too.

Oh. And I was with a bunch of old roommates from college. That doesn't help either. :)