Monday, July 14, 2008


There is nothing like seeing a movie in a theatre with a 3 year old; asking questions about every small movement. What is that? Where is he going? Why is he doing that? Is he burnt?

And they feel every emotion - when Wall-E shivers, 3 yr old shivers. When a large blast occurs (like a space ship landing), 3 yr old covers her eyes... you get the idea.

Sheer joy and complete (loud) laughter when other things blow up. (Even when it is dangerous for Wall-E.)

This was her second movie in the theatre. She didn't want a chair - just my lap. And by the end, a little wiggly, when Wall-E is in trouble, what was her biggest care? The babies. That is all she asked about from the climax until the film's end. Where are the babies? Are the babies okay?

I loved the entire experience.

And to all of you who were troubled by the environmental slant, and didn't enjoy the first 20 minutes because there was no dialogue? (Okay - I've only heard this from one person, but perhaps there are more out there.) I say, how can you not find a movie that opens with a young Michael Crawford singing Put on Your Sunday Clothes absolutely and completely charming?


Judy Tan said...

I loved this movie! Greg wondered why in the heck I knew the opening song! Again, I loved this movie. I'm sorry that there are people out there that are worried that this wonderful movie might somehow brainwash us into taking care of the planet. And what if this movie does brainwash us into taking care of our planet? I mean it could just possibly make me want to hug a tree, drive a hybrid, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Is that so bad? At school we show the students "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss when we teach our enviornmental conservation unit. Are we brainwashing them? Possibly so. It seems that people should be worried about all of the garbage that is being released, and seen by kids, and not too concerned with this sweet, simple movie. If this movie makes kids think, then I say let kids think. Thinking about our planet might be a good thing. Oh no, now I am sounding political. Again, I LOVED this movie! :)

Jacks said...

Totally agree.

I think the person that I know who is wierded out by it also felt offended by the people on the ship. But perhaps she didn't realize they were on a ship??? I don't know - because I was just upset that she was telling me so much about the movie before I had even seen it.

Arianne said...

I loved this movie--so good!