Friday, July 25, 2008


I returned from Girl's Camp a week ago today (last Friday) - and what was on the TV? Golf.

Yep - you heard me right. Golf.

I'm a bit confused by this. Clin wasn't home, so I know that he hadn't turned it on. It was only my parents and daughters awaiting my return. Who was watching golf?

First: My husband and I never watch ESPN or Sports or anything involving coordination, teamwork, balls, etc. I like this about us. I'm just not interested. at. all.

Second: I grew up in a family that supported the arts. We went to musicals. Theatre. My father had a hobby of collecting broadway cast recordings of older musicals. He introduced me to the majority of musicals that I now know. We would play Name That Tune using songs from musicals.
Third: I don't remember my father ever watching sports. Maybe a football game now and again - but he never scheduled his life around sports, or got excited about them, or encouraged us to be excited about them.

Now, in the year 2008, each time I see the man he is watching golf. What caused the change? When did he digress? Where did I go wrong as a daughter?

And while playing golf is one thing (I've played a mean game of miniature in my day), watching on TV is beyond my comprehension. A lot of standing around, a lot of talking, and a lot of watching a person hit a ball and then walk or stand again. How is this exciting?


kelly riding said...

i LOVE your blog. you got mad skillz. girls' camp sounds like it was so much fun. you are the coolest person i know.

Jacks said...

Okay - you are so welcome to post on my blog ALL THE TIME. As long as you continue with the compliments.

I got your phone message when we were out of town. I will call you soon.