Monday, September 8, 2008


So this is what 33 looks like. And to celebrate we had a crazy weekend.
As an extremely organized spouse, I've been planning this celebration for months. We started it out with the DVR surprise and then only increased the craziness from there.

On Friday, I pulled something unimagineable out. I mowed, and edged the entire lawn. This from a woman who has not been able to start the lawn mower since she broke her arm in March. (Starter fluid really works. Thanks Dad!) And while it took me all morning - it was done and complete by the time spousy got home.

Then we suitcased up, threw the clan in the car and headed north. To McDonalds. Millie exercised on the slides while the rest of us gained weight.

3 hours later we were in...Perry! At the In-Laws. They love a party - and we brought one that included a 3 year old who refuses to sleep when grandparents are around.

Saturday - we ventured out for a Parade at Peach days! We didn't see any peaches in the parade, but we did see:

and then my camera died. And none of my batteries worked. So I didn't get to take a picture of the 80 year old man who ran a 5k. Or the float that was just a large truck that said Autoliv. Or the float that included a refrigerator and a large banner of a cow.

I do love parades and I love being reminded that I detest pageants and the fact that women and babies are shoved into dresses, makeup, curls, and cars just to wave to me. But that could and should be a different post.

I also like being reminded that free candy rocks. Isn't that the best part of parades? Showers of candy? But alas, not one piece was to be had. So Millie became much more interested in the open canal right behind us and it just reminded me of the open sewers back in Madagascar.

Our Peach Day festivities ended with Navajo Tacos, and fried peach balls.

And just to tie that sweet birth day up with a bow - Clin and I went out on a night on the town. Painted Perry red. Okay, we just ended up at the movies. As usual. And not one movie interested me. But I sucked it up, threw my personal interests in the closet and slammed that door, and saw a boy comedy. I sipped my Diet Soda and chomped down my bucket of popcorn. And hubby laughed.


Bryan Summers said...

What boy comedy? Did you go see Disaster Movie?

Jacks said...

I can't even bring myself to admit which one. But you loved it, evidently.

Bryan Summers said...

You saw a revival of Pink Flamingos? Awesome.

Just kidding? Is it Tropic Thunder? That movie was great. Was it You Don't Mess with the Zohan? Will Clin blog about it on his blog?

kelly riding said...

jacks, i was at peach days too! i ran the 10 K. i am so sad we didn't see each other. love you! Happy Birthday to Clin!

Jacks said...

What! What! What! We got there late - so you probably crossed the finish line before we even arrived. Did you see the 80 year old man running it?

I can't believe we missed you. I'm kicking myself right now.