Tuesday, September 16, 2008

in pain.

The past few days I have been standing up and the world spins around me. I just assumed that I needed to start taking my daily multi vit again.

And then my ear started to hurt. Pain. Real pain. Like 13 year old deep, percolating under the skin pain. Right at the entrance of my ear canal. You know, where you're not supposed to stick the q-tip in any further? Yes. Right there.

While my first instinct was to say cancer, or perhaps that my ear was preparing to shed it's skin - I know better. It's a sensation that I've felt before and my inner teen is telling me ZIT.

I've never experienced ear canal acne. Zitage so deep that popping is not an option.

So, fair warning. There is no way that the cover up is going in my ear. The only rational solution is to ignore me. Please. Don't even turn in my direction. And if you do happen to glance upon my ear? Act like you don't see a thing.

I mean, I'm out here acting like I'm not in pain. It's only fair.


Arianne said...

It seems especially cruel that zits are painful...just adds insult to injury.

Jacks said...

Oh man - you so didn't ignore me. What are you writing on here for....you might glance the ear. Ahhh!

Judy Tan said...

Why is this always about you. She's crossing the states for girls weekend not JUST to watch your children (although I'm sure she'll enjoy that too). :)

Jacks said...

True. It is always about me. Hmmm. Wonder why the world is that way?

Clin told me they've been planning this since before girls weekend dates were even planned and that it just ended up timing right. Girls weekend or not - it doesn't change the fact that I will harbor guilt at going somewhere while someone else watches the kiddos.