Wednesday, September 24, 2008

guessing. again.

Here is clue #3. Can you read it? Me neither. It pretty much says to pack clothes to see a show and a light jacket in case of wind or rain.

So I'm thinking I should throw out a proper guess. Something that hits the heart of this. And then, in two more weeks, when all the clues have come in you will all wonder in awe at the fact that I was able to guess after only 3 clues.

We are totally going to Seattle to view a pre-broadway run of the new musical Shrek. And I'm right. Clin.

Oh. wait. I'm wrong. As I was putting the link in I noticed on their website that the pre-broadway run ends September 21. Okay. Good. Fine. I didn't want to fly in a plane anyway.


Bryan Summers said...

Shrek musical was my guess also. I swear, I was all excited to write that in the comments but until I saw that was your guess also.

It might still be Seattle. I hear the Don't Mess With the Zohan musical is starting its pre-Broadway run.

Amanda said...

I don't have any guesses because I am a horrible guesser, but oh my goodness this would be driving me batty. I am such a planner (as I know you are) I would be going mad trying to figure it all out. What a good guy you have. I am excited to find out the surprise.

Jacks said...

HA! Don't Mess with the Zohan as a musical??? And me going to see it??? I don't know which thought is funnier.

Amanda- I don't enjoy planning trips because I don't like to know the cost. Other than that - I just want to feel like I have control. And in this situation I have NONE. That is what's driving me batty.

Brent Cox said...

Yeah - I can't wait to find out what the surprise is... ;)