Thursday, September 4, 2008

trouble shooting.

I can't get the video/audio to work on the post I've been trying to publish. And it drives me nuts.

Millie licked my forehead this morning.

Ellis drew marker on her nose and pooped.

The new remote came today. But I was supposed to send it back with Mr. UPS and didn't get to the door in time. I can't call DISH TV because my name is not on the account.

I called DISH on Tuesday with questions about getting a DVR for Clin for his birthday. You know - just price questions, etc. In the course of the day I called a few times. And they told me how much we were paying monthly, a breakdown of what it all meant. Allowed me to order a new remote, cancel a warranty, order a DISH (for a great deal - thanks to Kyle for pushing to go with it), sign up for special deals all under the name of Clin. Then yesterday the DISH techs came and put the new unit in, which came with a remote.

So I proceeded to call to say - stop! Do not send the remote.

I called two times. Both times I was met with - sorry. We can not give you any information about that account. You are not the account holder.

WHAT!? Less than 24 hours ago you allowed me to cancel, order, and order some more. I don't want information. I want you to cancel the remote you are sending.

I'm sorry - This has always been our policy.

WHAT!? Less than 24 hours ago.....

And then they proceeded to tell me that I could have my husband call and put my name on the account. Well, I'll tell you what you can put on your lousy account. And I was ready to cry and hang up and yell. And I was so angry that they would pull me in, make me feel like a valued customer and then cut me off. Just like that. And my feelings were hurt.

So now I have the remote. And I don't want to get in trouble. And I don't want to have to end up paying for it. And I don't know how to return a package through UPS, when Mr. UPS has already left. And I can't call to ask.

So I'm now going to take the girls to Target, eat an unhealthy lunch - purchase nail polish (which I vowed never to have in my home except for nylon runs) for Millie because she earned enough pooping on the toilet stickers to go to the store and pick out her very own nail polish color. And what have I turned into? A bribing mother, whoring my values for some order.


Annaca said...

I think you're just great. Bribing Schmibing! The nail polish will be fine. Just keep it out of reach and HIDDEN, along with nail polish remover and scissors. Hope you had a yummy lunch at Target :)

Arianne said...

It's all good. Just keep the remote--and when they call and ask about it tell them you tried to return it and they wouldn't let you. Or write a letter to the company and complain...those generally get attention.
Have fun with the nail polish...

Jacks said...

I would like everyone to know - I had a Diet Coke and a cinnamon and sugar pretzel. And that made all the difference:)