Tuesday, September 9, 2008

can, can, canning!

In the spirit of Peach days - my Mom-in-law took me under her wing and agreed to mentor me in the art of canning.

Here you can see Alana mentoring me in the art of filling a pitcher of water.

And while I originally thought that I might try a box on my own, I'm never one to turn away help. So canning peaches was not the fiasco I originally intended it to be. I did not become frustrated. Nor did I: swear under my breath, knock my hard work over and watch as it slowly broke across the floor, burn/slice my hand, or any of the other crazy things that came into mind as I envisioned adventures in canning.

Here we see an example of my work. On the left is my first jar of peaches. In the time that it took me to do this one jar, Alana whipped out the 6.5 that you see on the right.

In the end what did I gain? A bit of a tired back, sticky hands, an overall sense of fatigue, and 21 perfectly canned bottles 'o' peaches.