Tuesday, September 23, 2008


To all the twenty year olds out there -

You aren't all that. Yeah, life may seem like it's layed out before you - a glossy movie of what you can become. And you think that you have your pick of it. Not tied down, skinny little wastes, long hair look alikes without the time to glance up at those around you. Nights on the town, days on the town, spending your money on beauty and Starbucks.

Have I offended all of the 20 yr olds yet? Let me try harder - let's target it to all of you idolizing those women in the rap videos who shake it to make it (money I mean)? Are you following the religion of Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, or Paris Hilton? Are you wishing you were America's Next Top Model and watching the MTV VMAs to see who is wearing what and whom? Are you wanting to go on Survivor so that you can become famous for your ability to wear a bikini on a deserted island?

I'll tell you right now your real future. Your real destiny. It's called old age. And, honestly, that's where the excitement is. So while you spend time on yourself and your secret little crush on the Jonas Brothers, take time to look up at those bent over in front of you. They out number you. And you will be there too. Soon. So instead of loathing the real future, learn to love it.

You can start by watching Young @ Heart. And to the rest of you - it might do you some good as well. It's awe.some. And every other adjective you can think of.

And by the end, instead of Britney - you will be dressing like Louise. One listen to Steve or Len and you'll be asking yourself, Jonas Brothers who?

Forget Paris, and follow Jeanne. Here is an example of what Jeanne and the Young @ Heart chorus can do:


Sherry Carpet said...

awesome post, jacks!

Bryan Summers said...

I'm really excited to see this movie.

Arianne said...

This movie was on the plane when I came home from the Caribbean...but I missed the intro (I was asleep) and so when I woke up I was so confused about what was on the tv...so I didn't watch. Now I wish I would have.

Jacks said...

Arianne - give it another try. The beginning is the setup. And then the ending payoff is great. Netflix it....if you still netflix.