Wednesday, September 17, 2008

guessing that there's 3 weeks to go.

Clue #2 - and it tells me no.thing. Oh, wait. Yes it does. It tells me that my Mother is encouraging Clin. Not only encouraging, she's in collusion with him.

And now I have to be a slave to the guilt that comes from having my Mother travel through various states just to watch two small children for a purpose of which I'm still unaware.

So 3 guesses to go and I'm starting to think that my neighbor is right on. She threw out a guess that seems to fit Clin's conniving ways.

October 15, the day we leave, is opening day of hunting season. Did the lightbulb just hit you in the head too?

This is so us. I get it now. I have always wanted Clin to esteem to Elmer Fudd. Don't you see it? He is totally Fudd material.

So I think we're turning a new leaf - and perhaps decore? And maybe we will come back with a deer head or a stuffed rabbit, or something like that. And I know right where I will put it (above the piano), and maybe we will name it as well.

I'm sure that Clin has been stockpiling camping equipment in our crawl space. If I went down there now, I would probably find tents, orange vests, camoflauge pants, and it will become our new thing. Our bond.

Nice guess Kristy. I think you are right on.


Arianne said...

Ooh! You can load up on elk meat for your food storage!

Jacks said...

Yes! That is my favorite:)

Judy Tan said...

your mother isn't traveling thru various states JUST to watch your children (although I am sure she will enjoy that), she is going for Girls weekend. :)

Jacks said...

Hey Judy - you also posted under yesterdays. I responded there. I realize it's not just for me. But Clin told me that they have been planning this since July and were going to do it even if girls weekend wasn't at that time. So it worked out well. And it still doesn't take away my guilt. I would feel it if anyone was coming to watch my kids. Even from across the street.

Because like vampires and blood - I must feed off of something. It's either Diet Coke or guilt.

Liz said...

HAAAA!!!! Doubtful...because if you WERE going hunting (tis the season!) you'd WANT to bring your laptop! ;0)

My guess...a beach. Or a mountain. Ever feel like climbing Everest? I mean, the Wasatch mountains near Utah have to be comparable...right? LOL.

Have fun WHEREVER you go. :)