Friday, September 12, 2008

July 17, 1991.

I kept a journal off and on from age 7 (1984) through high school. In an attempt to reminisce...understand myself....okay to come to terms with the 31 year old me, the following is a randomly chosen entry.

7/17/1991 (14 years old)

It's summer and I am officially out of school! No more middle school. Isn't it marvelous! I'll miss a few things of course. As a freshman in high school I probably won't see Jack Brighton, maybe not at all! I still like hime. He may not be my #1 any more.

I think Ben Seton is obnoxious, and irritating. But I'll give him credit for being nice! I don't like him like I used to! Things certainly change!

The thing I will miss most from middle school is my humanities class. It was our class for the smarter people at school. Even though I was only in it for 3 weeks it seemed like I had been in it since 7th grade. It was fun since I was already friends with most people in the class, so I didn't need to be aquainted with anyone new. The main people in the class were me, Cathy Yager, Fiona Turner, Krista Halverson, Rose Cromwell, Billy Telford, Ken Halliday, Rick Humphrey, Marc Dale, and Frankie James. Plus two great teachers, Mr. Lamb and Mrs. Peabody, made the class perfect!

We joked around and just had a blast! I'm gonna miss them! Next year there isn't a humanities class that we will be together in. I may not have any classes with them at all! Cathy Yager and Rose Cromwell moved away! It just wouldn't be the same!

I will miss my math class just as much. More of my friends were in this and I sometimes had a funner time in it than in humanities! Mr. Hicks is just an awesome teacher. Kelly, Julie, Christine, and Rebecca were in this class. Cathy, Fiona were also in it. Billy, Rick, and Marc were in our class. Other then the math it was a fun class. Next year we might end up in the same math class since over 1/2 of the class is going into honors geometry.

As a freshman I'll meet new friends, I may loose some old one's but I hope to keep as many as I can! I especially met some guys that I want to keep being their friends. Esp. Rick Humphrey, Ken Halliday, and Billy Telford. Esp., Esp., Esp. Billy Telford!

Just a little background on Billy and I! He's my next door neighbor. When we were little he and I were best of friends. We spent the night at each others houses, we invited each other to our birthday parties, we went exploring together we were in plays together. About 4th grade we fell apart. I had been in love. Till this year we didn't have any thing to do with each other. Then math class and humanities came up this year. We were both in each class. At first we fought, but deep inside I had fallen in love. I miss him.

I was talking to Krista the other day. I told her I liked him. She told me that she could tell that he liked me also. I think she was sincere, it was hard to believe. I wanted proof. She told me that there was something different in his voice when he talked to me. That whenever I was gone he would ask where I was. And when he looked at me he would stare or have a look of wanting to look longer. I was excited about this, now I have my doubt. But, maybe there is truth to the saying, Love is blind!


Kyle said...

Why did you change Billy Telford's name when you mentioned that he was your next door neighbor?

Jacks said...

Because I don't want to get sued. You know, for slander?

And lots of people don't know who my next door neighbor was.

And it also has to do with my research background - since I don't have approval to use the person's name, and these are just observations, from my point of view, then in research you give code names.

I'd prefer just to write everyone's names as is...but I'm scared. I tend to live by fear.

Sherry Carpet said...

it's true. i'm thinking about suing you right now.

Jacks said...

Yeah. I knew it. And while I don't know much about law - you had the option to opt out of using your real name a month or so ago, so I say you don't have a leg to stand on.

See? I've totally thought this through.