Tuesday, September 2, 2008

saying, "choose your own adventure."

I love my readers so much, that I want you to have a say in my blogging destiny.

That's right - choose your own adventure. Since so many in the blogging world are inspirational, I've decided to make a list of first time activities that will inspire you too. And you get to decide which one you would like to see me do.
  1. Make 2 Tu-Tu's for the girls - this will be more exciting than it seems. I don't even know how to thread my sewing machine.
  2. Train and run a marathon. Okay, let's be realistic. How about one week (6 days, as even God will allow me one day off) of 5 AM runs.
  3. Can 1 box of peaches...on my own. That's right. First time canner here. Excitement will ensue.
  4. Sale something on EBay. First time EBayer - in fact I've never even been on their website.
  5. Make 1 lousy princess Halloween costume...on my own.
The poll will be up for one week. What will be my destiny?

photo via ....Tim


mary said...

I think this requires additional comments. Although tu-tus are sexist, elitist and immodest historically, they are cute and useable for an amazing long time. Little girls love to dance and take it seriously and Clin can wear one on his head and take nothing seriously.

BUT, in addition it will force you to thread your needle and discover the wonderful empowerment of the sewing machine. The worst part, in my opinion, is getting the machine OUT and set up. Even though this takes about, oh, 3-5 minutes the thought makes it longer. So, my children learned to carry the sewing machine over to the table to motivate me.

Love you and your blog and your offspring,

Mary & Steven

AmyR said...

Peaches, definitely the peaches. I've been meaning to do this, and to see if it will save us money. Erica will eat a can of peaches EVERY DAY!! I just don't know if purchasing a whole box to can them will be financially wise for us. We'll see.

Jacks said...

Mary! I am smiling so much right now. Thanks for the comment. I didn't realize you were lurking. And thank you for voting. I'm hoping that a vote will motivate me to take that machine out - and then we can all laugh at the hilarity that will ensue.

Clin A. Eaton said...

Mary, I'll have you know some of the most serious moments in my life have been conducted with a tu-tu on my head. 1- My mission exit interview. 2- My job interview at the high school I teach at. 3- The first night of our honeymoon.

alanaeaton said...

I'm voting for the peaches, since I'm planning on doing them with you on Saturday. It's much more fun doing them with a friend and maybe Clin will hang around and provide entertainment.

Liz said...

My vote...do something for YOU. Either do the E-Bay or go run. Run, run, run, run, RUN! ;) Okay. So maybe thats what I would do. ;0)

Bryan Summers said...

My vote: Run and marathon. You will have a lot more material to work with since it will take much longer to do than the other activities.

Jacks said...

Oh - cruel world. Not the marathon....I'm crossing my fingers.

Alana- I wrote this before we had our peach talk. So I will probably be doing peaches no matter what and will do whatever else comes in first or second.

Liz- All of these are things that I secretly want to do. But for various reasons, I also do not want to do. So they are all for me... we shall see what happens.

e.e. comings said...

I voted for the run! That's what I would want to do. :) But it was tough between that and the peaches (a more sensible choice...). Glad I finally made it to your blog! I want to add it to my list! Maybe soon....computer time is usually check my email as fast as I can...
love you!

Amanda said...

Hmmmmm tough choices. Brent just told me I was instructed (by Clin) to vote for the peaches, but I think I am going for the tu-tu option (no one can buy my vote!). I can just see the dance performances in your future and better yet a tu-tu is a head start on many a halloween costume :)

Jacks said...

Ha! Amanda - you crack me up. I'll definitely bring up vote buying to Clin. He must not want to feel the wrath of certain choices on the list....hmmmm.