Thursday, September 18, 2008

musing upon a tutu.

Today I had every intention of waxing poetic on the topic of tutus. After all I have made a promise. And then the day happened. And then the afternoon. And now it is evening and my mind hasn't once wandered to the topic of tutus. Although it did wander.

It wandered to Wal-Mart where I saved $20.00 in meat, thanks to price matching.

It wondered about Walgreens and how they pop up so quickly.

It functioned despite grading until 2:00 AM. Three days in a row. Without naps.

It became invisible at the opening drama club banquet, when asking Clin a question and he walked away both times. No answer. Teenagers called.

It disappeared as the same teenage boy walked into me twice. Even after I said excuse me. And sorry. And stared. But received no response in return.

It shut down listening to screams coming from the bathroom at home, and at the high school. And then woke up as Ellis gave Millie a hug on the toilet. all. to. stop. the. screams.

It forgot the last time it had some sitdown time with Clin.

It can't remember ever calling a church leader up and asking to be picked up two hours before an activity.

It stopped functioning a good ten minutes ago.

It apologizes for this post.

photo via *cora* (on vacation)

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