Monday, September 29, 2008

stocking up.

Case lot sale! Tis the season. And this is my pile 'o' cases.

~Macaroni & Cheese

~Black Beans

~Cream of Chicken Soup

~Beef Broth

~Chicken Broth

~Vegetable Broth

~Tomato Soup


And just to be awesome - Albertsons kicked in free apple juice.

In a reassessment of my run on cases, I completely overdid it on the broth. So perhaps I will turn this into one of those food blogs. You know. Where I dedicate the next year to cooking everything with broth? Admit it. You would be the first to purchase advertising space. Wouldn't you.


Arianne said...

I will admit it. I would love advertising space on your broth blog. Although if you dedicated it to losing weight by cooking with broth..well, you really would get quite a following.

Jacks said...

I didn't even think of the added bonus of weight loss. Grrreat!