Monday, September 15, 2008

entering a phase.

We have entered the preschool phase of life. Millie's first day was last week, and as I dropped her off, a few things struck me:
  • Why do 3 year olds have backpacks? Every 3 year old carried a backpack...except for Millie. Have I already set her up to become "one of these things is not like the other"?
  • These 3 year olds all look 2. Why are they so little, and tiny, and why are their backpacks larger than them?

Millie didn't seem concerned. A hug to my leg and she was off to play with the kitchen.

So I go home and there is an echo in the house. It hasn't been this quiet since April 9, 2005 - the day before Millie was born.

It was just me. And Ellis. What to do? So we had lunch. And then sat down to a few toys. Ellis wandered up stairs, and I turned to a bit of newspaper reading. After a few minutes she reappeared at the top of the stairs waving packages of condoms and laughing loudly. Ah. And while I picked up the trail, Ellis played patty-cake with the toilet water. I realized that with her walking has come a sense of freedom that extends beyond the floor and into drawers and cupboards.

Upon returning to preschool all of the children ran out to their parents. I'm looking for our little giant and not seeing her anywhere.

Teacher, Ms. Jennifer, says: Millie informed me that she is not done playing.

And getting her to leave was impossible. Even when including a bribe of chocolate milk.


Amanda said...

Your adventures with Millie always make me laugh. Hooray (and condolences) for a walking Ellis)? Was she reminding you she isn't ready to be a big sister with the condoms or throwing them out in hopes of becoming one sooner? I wonder.....

Jacks said...

hmmm - good question. I hadn't thought that there were motives other than being enticed by the pretty colored packaging.