Thursday, September 11, 2008


Or at least sometimes I wish I was British. I've never been to England. But I've always thought that it looked lovely. And I like rain.

But when I hear one of the contestants on the British version of the Apprentice say, "Come and get your lillies here."


the two little children from Mary Poppins sing, "sorry nanny. Sincerely. Jane and Michael Banks." or something like that.

Then I begin to love everything British.

It's the accent. Completely wins me over every time.

So much so, that I thought it would be lovely to have my children speak with British accents. You know, kind of like the two children from the movie, The Holiday. Which is one reason for which I have Millie on a strict diet of Mary Poppins. All of the time. And you should hear her say Poppins. What? You would indeed like to hear her say Poppins? Well, I can accomodate that request.

Okay - so I lied. I can't get my video to link to this blog and thus cannot accomodate such a request. Unless...(lightbulb on) you come and visit. I have it saved on my computer. We can watch it together. Or, better yet, come over and Millie can do it for you in person.

On that note, I leave you with the next best thing:


alanaeaton said...

I LOVED the video--I'm with you on British Accents. Teach both the girls how to do it.

Arianne said...

I want to hear. I think I'll be in Utah in I will visit.