Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I looked in the mirror this morning and found this. (Apologies for the lousy photo - but my camera is what it is.) What does it mean?

Some of you might say: Ahhhh - how romantic. And you are right. It's romantic and exciting and great.

But there are ulterior motives here.

See, in the world of Clin and Jackie, vacationing trips never happen if I have knowledge of them. I tend to say things like, "Oh, let's spend that money on a camera so the next time you surprise me I can take a picture of it and the blogging masses will be able to comprehend what it says." Or I might say, "How about a dryer? Or put it towards a move? Or a will? Or a mini-van?"

And he knows that we will never go anywhere. Ever. So by secretly planning a trip, we both get a bit of excitement. And practical me just worries about who will take the kids? Or maybe they will go with us? And will we be taking a plane? And will I be packing? How? For what climate? And my list goes on, and on...

So let's all work together to get it out of him. I don't have any guesses. Do you?


Bryan Summers said...

1. My guess is Yuma, since Clin called a couple of days ago and asked if you guys could stay here in October.

But then again, maybe not. The suspence is killing me.

And if it is Yuma, you'll love it. We have an old west jail.

Clin A. Eaton said...

Quiet Bryan!! Shhh. You had me at old west jail.

Jacks said...

Serious??? You realize I believe everything. Yuma it is?

Bryan Summers said...

I'd bet money it's Yuma. Unless Clin is trying muddy the waters with some misinformation.

Well played Clin. Well played.

Judy Tan said...

Clin told me he wanted to surprise you with a trip to clean up after Hurricaine Ike. I volunteered to watch your girls for you while you two put on waders to save the abandoned dogs for the SPCA. We both thought that it would be good for you, Jackie.