Monday, December 29, 2008


Dear Neighbors -

I apologize if we woke you up Saturday morning. I was cozy in bed too. Until Clin came running in screaming that the sky was falling. In other words, his car was stuck in the snow.

As you know, we live in a culd-de-sac that does not get plowed as frequently as the outer streets. But this past week a miracle happened and they plowed the sac. And left two large piles of snow strategically placed so that we have to maneuver very carefully around them.

Clin decided to tempt fate. Decided to see what our front wheel drive 4 door could actually do. You know, cause he's reckless like that. And he drove it straight into the largest mound of snow. And instead of getting out the shovels, ran for me to drive, thinking his push could get us out. So did not work.

So I'm sorry for the loud engine noises. the grinding of the wheels. the smoke emanating from the vehicle. The stressful voice from Clin as he loudly wondered what the car was stuck to, and my angry reply: snow! But we completely deserve props for not swearing. That's right. We retain that for inside the house.



amy said...

Wish I could have see that. And By the way, we can also hear you swearing in your house.

Jacks said...

oh %#!!%#*&! (that totally means fiddlesticks Clin.)

Anonymous said...

HAHA I know I shouldn't, but I did.

I got stuck on Saturday, too, when I got home. My neighbor pushed me out, then shoveled my street, driveway, and the likes. Thank goodness for angels in this world!

I would rather them NOT plow then plow the HUGE piles of slush around; my poor little car couldn't handle it! UGH!!

Can't wait to do playdates again next week. I miss you!