Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 12: Ward Christmas Party

This year it was just the girls. The three of us. And if it weren't for the saints sitting at my table, I don't think that I would have made it home with all three. They helped wrangle Ellis, and helped hold Millie. Passed around the girls, and went and got us seconds.

Ellis just wanted to wander and by the time I turned back, Millie was gone. I lost Millie at least twice. And both times? She was behind the curtains, on the stage.

The big hit at the party this year? Chicken nuggets. For the kids. And Millie had seconds of everything.

The miss? Santa. Missing. Gone. Not a problem for me. But how is it that my 3 yr old still remembers seeing Santa and the candy cane he gave her (and I later threw away) last year.

We hung around. Millie ate. And I waited. And people cleared out. And I got the clue. Didn't mention the S word. And so far? Neither has Millie.

photo via romap


Judy Tan said...

Even Chandler said "lame-o" about no Santa at your ward Christmas party. Next year, volunteer Clin as Santa. Make sure it happens! Santa at the ward Christmas party means that I have never stood in line at a mall for Santa. Santa at the ward Christmas party = priceless.

Jacks said...

Oh - yes. that's exactly what I was thinking. Ward party will equal no need to see Santa anywhere else. Hmmm.... I'm thinking we still won't stand in line. They'll never know if we never make it to a mall. Right?

Emmy said...

We had our ward party last night too! It was really nice, and Santa was at ours! (Perhaps the reason he didn't make it to yours...:)
Santa was practically mauled by all the children when he sat in his chair on the little stage. I (with the help of some other parents) attempted to have the children form a line several times, to no avail. Lucky for me Den and Annie were assertive and were able to get their turns quickly so we could escape the crowd! Mitt was there too! (Too bad we couldn't sit on his lap and ask for things. More likely for us to get our wish list granted!)