Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 22: Snow Day!

Not planned, not part of the gifts I wrapped a few weeks ago. But in honor of the pile 'o' snow that dumped on us today - we got a snow day from the advent of adventing.

And we deserve it. Snow days in Utah don't exist. We get snow. But a true snow day is one in which school is canceled. And that just doesn't happen here.

So I declared today a snow day in all respects. No cooking. No adventing. No dressing. P.J.s for all. with blankets on top.

But alas, that did not last long. As the dumping continued - I had to dig us out. And then Clin had to dig us out. And then I dug us out one last time.

Completely handmade plowing. Who says I can't rock the handmade trade?

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