Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 10: Paint Toenails!

Okay - you're thinking, how is this festive? How does this add to our Christmas cheer?

This being only the second time that I have ever painted Millie's toenails, we both consider it cause for excitement.

And if I was really dedicated, Millie would have been painting mine. But I have virgin toenails. Yeah - never been painted. (okay, maybe once but I've put it out of my mind.) And I wasn't about to scar them for life.

Millie chose light pink. And when it was applied, she complained because it was too light.

Millie: Mom. You're not my best friend anymore.

So I emphasized the fact that it sparkles in the light. And I kept talking about the sparkle. Blind your eyes sparkle. And then all was well.

And to those of you disappointed because day 5 of the month was never fully completed? I'm rockin' the addresses now and you should see an envelope in the near future. And if you don't? Then I don't have your address. Or I don't know you. Or I pretend that you don't know me.
Offended? Let me know.)

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