Thursday, December 25, 2008


At least I should be. very, very merry. But alas - I awoke to find poop on the stairs. Mind you, this is the in-laws stairs. And I blamed the cat. I've never owned a cat, but figured it was something a cat might leave behind.

Sometime, during the opening of presents, the room began to smell. A smell not so merry and bright. And it continued. And I heard whispers around the room. I blamed the cat.

And then, as the smell continued, I decided it was time for an educational toddler wipe session. And that is when I discovered something fowl on the bare feet. And almost threw up. And the in-laws declared that was NOT cat poop. But something more human.

And a few hours later, we ran out of panties. Why must holidays force us all to digress? Into the children we were growing up. Into slothful blobs that desire diet coke or a nap. or both.

And then the younger one, who has not regressed because she doesn't have much to regress to, had multiple diaper changes....(wait for it)......leading...(wait for it) (wait, wait)....vomit! Our theme for the past week.

So on to merrier thoughts and images.

Uncle Nate (the shepherd) - getting ready to move to Virginia. Why must all our siblings leave? Oh. Perhaps the above story explains it all.

Beautiful Arianne with beautiful fiance Ben. Again, leaving us. Well, I guess she already left. But she's moving on through marriage. Never to look back. Probably for the best.

Which leaves us. Alone. Making Cream of Cod for Christmas Eve. And I'm posting this one for MY family. See what you missed? Rather, see what we miss?

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