Wednesday, December 17, 2008

singing along.

The best Christmas CD? The one you cannot continue to live without?

John Denver and the Muppets

I can listen to it a million times over and it never gets old. Transports right back to 1980s me in rainy, icy Oregon. Sitting. Staring out the living room window into the darkness as my reflection cries in the shadow of the Christmas tree lights.

What? Don't tell me you never sat staring at your crying reflection. Never too late to start. Let the Muppets work their magic.

Just make sure that when purchasing, you get the collector's edition with all 13 original tracks. Otherwise you will miss out on River Meets the Sea, Old St. Nick, and this one:


Batman Forever said...

THEE best Christmas CD. I grew up on it and love it. I've not had it for a few years and think I need to get it. Thanks for the memory.

Sherry Carpet said...


when ally was a baby, the only way to calm her down at night was to play ralph & animal's little saint nick. we played it until february. she still loves it the best.

Kyle said...

Without this CD Christmas didn't feel right (Romania 1999 and 2000)

Jacks said...

Totally. I had it on my mission though. I lucked out and it was allowed.

Kirstin said...

Where have I been? I totally missed this Summers tradition.

Jacks said...

Kirstin - I totally thought it started with you and Judy. Hmmm. Well, never too late to start!