Monday, December 1, 2008

counting the days.

In an attempt to motivate my spirit 'o' Christmas, I'm trying a new tradition that will be completely axed if it's any of the following:
  1. Too much work
  2. Extra Stress
  3. Unsuccessful
  4. Difficult to complete
  5. Not fun

I stole the idea, thinking it might be fun since Clin will be spending the month of December in rehearsals.

So I have activities planned for the next 24 days. Simple activities. One a day. And we won't find out what we're doing until we open our daily present.

Day 1? Making a chain. To hang on the door. To rip apart. To reinforce our advent theme.


Anonymous said...

Cute. Fun idea!

Thanx again for being my saving grace today! I really appreciate you!

Angee :)

Sherry Carpet said...

cool, cool, cool. i wish i could come over.

Jacks said...

Angee - I got the tickets. Sleep well tonight:)

SC - You are welcome any time.