Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 17: Hot Chocolate

After a happy romp in the snow.

18 monther really has no boots. So we throw on the boots for a 3 yr old. Mmm, they fall off. Constantly. And she doesn't want to sit in the snow. Or jump in the snow. Or lay in the snow. She prefers to sit in her toy car which is really a summer toy and can't move much in the snow.


Kirstin said...

Tell Ellis that Aunt Kirstin feels for her. Ask my kids how fun I am in the snow. I sit in the truck and wave as they sled down the hill. :) I do provide the hot chocolate!

Jacks said...

I love it! I think you're fun because you provide the cocoa - isn't that the best part? I didn't play much because I was shoveling the snow.

Judy Tan said...

IT is 78 degrees here. :) I can't decide which sandals to wear tomorrow. Woo Hoo! Christmas in Texas Rocks. I did rake leaves at the Bishop's house yesterday. I had to borrow a rake. We don't own one anymore because our trees are still babies.