Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snowflakes. Today we made snowflakes. Paper snowflakes have this mistique about them. Beautiful, playful, light fun. Everyone can make a snowflake.

What we discovered today is that paper does not differ much from the real thing. Fun to look at from inside, but the the second you have to interact with the stuff it becomes cold, wet, and you're ready to run back in.

It all started when Millie ran away from the advent gift to the bathroom. No problem, we can open it after toilet time. 40 minutes later, it's time to start dinner, and we aren't any closer to starting our snowflake project.

Our Intermission:
  • Millie screamed
  • Ellis screamed
  • Hide panties and toilet paper - this is a new technique. If there are no panties to poop in then she wipes the poop out with toilet paper instead of pushing. And if she can't find either?
  • More screaming
  • Intermittent attempts at finding out how to make paper snowflakes in between. (Yeah, I had to look it up. So what. I haven't really needed to use my snowflake making skills in the past, oh, ever.)
  • I relented and gave Millie two squares of toilet paper to blow her nose. She didn't use the squares on her nose. There was poop every.where.

By the time we got to the snowflakes I was not in the mood for crafting. Okay, I'm not ever in the mood for crafting. Whatever. And then I forgot how to fold the paper and had to look it up, again, on the internet. My scissors weren't sharp enough to make things pretty. Ellis was feeding on markers, paper, and glitter was everywhere.

Let's just say that paper snowflakes? Not making the advent list for 09.


Anonymous said...

But they're so CUTE!! And next year, you won't be potty-training Millie. (it'll be ellis)

Anyway, LOVE the glitter on them! We may just copy you. We did a craft with glitter today, too. UGH! It is so messy! It is all over my kitchen! (and I'm a "crafter")

Bradley Moss said...

I'm sure a lousy mom - I never do such cool stuff with my kids. Will you be my mommy?