Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 19: Cope Family Christmas

We got together to say hey to Clin's Mom's side. Cousins, aunts, uncles, soup, bread, jello & green salad, lemon & cheesecake. Talent type show full of strange songs, stranger MC, skits, costumes and more songs.

Ellis attached a chapstick to her upper lip the entire night. Millie attached herself to the other 3 year old in the room.

The girls performed stinkbug (up dog in yoga speak), I did the infamous neck trick, Clin's Mom (aka Granny Lany) tricked Grandpa and myself into joining her in a rousing round of Christmas is Coming. Grandpa stole the show on that one. I forgot the words.

Sonny and Cher made an appearance instead of the S Man. And it was just as thrilling. If not more.

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