Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Here's the problem with Facebook - I can't remember the majority of people sending me friend invites. So if I don't accept you as a friend right away, please don't take offense.

It's not you, it's me. And my brain. Which has issues with memory and recognition. I just have to figure out how I know you before I can accept. I mean wouldn't it kind of be like lying if I accepted everyone? Even those I had no clue who or where they came from? Or am I being elitist? Promoting cliques?

So please be patient. Or, better yet, send me a note with your invite telling me exactly how I know you. Spell it out. Obvious is the word of choice here. For example: post our preschool class picture. I'm pretty sure that will kick my memory into action. I think.


Arianne said...

I'm your sister-in-law. Add me as a friend. (ha ha--you actually already have)

Jacks said...

Thanks Arianne - Sometimes I forget. Keep reminding me:)