Friday, December 5, 2008

We had such great momentum. When did it end? I'd say somewhere between yesterday and the toilet. Today's advent was intended to include Clin, since he was to be home tonight.

Day 5: Address and mail Christmas cards. I included this as motivation. Even if we haven't written our cards yet, I thought that we could at least address the envelopes and then we would have to get the cards together so as not to waste the stamps. That should work. Right?

Clin decided a date would be a better celebration of the 5th. I didn't challenge that request.

We ate pizza. Real pizza. As in really good, real pizza. If you are in Orem/Provo area - go there. Now.

And then we attempted to see a movie, but missed the beginning of what we wanted to see - so we headed to Toys 'R' Us, purchased the last gift for the kids, and came home.

Stellar celebration. Much more joyous than addressing envelopes. So if you do not get a card this year, you can blame it on Clin. Blame it on pizza. No, blame it on December 5th.

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